Are you planning a large event or party that would call you for a portable restroom in or near Rocky Hill, CT? Call Regional Restrooms as we serve areas in or near Rocky Hill, CT.

Let’s look at some of the available options for you if you are looking to rent a portable restroom for your upcoming event or party.

Standard Units

Portable restrooms that come with basic necessities are the standard units. You will not find a flushing commode in here. However, there will be a single urinal and a holding tank. Some of the essentials that will be a part of your standard unit portable restroom include a sanitizer and a tissue paper dispenser.

Enhanced Units

While standard units serve the need, if you want a little extra for your guests, you can opt for enhanced units that come with a sink and running water. Moreover, you will also find a mirror along with a light in the enhanced portable restroom. Some of the accessories included in the restroom are a tissue paper dispenser, a paper towel dispenser, and a sanitizing soap.

We recommend enhanced units for family reunions and large events at Regional Restrooms.

Luxury Units

If you want your guests to enjoy the luxury of a fine hotel toilet, then you can go for our luxury restroom units. The luxury units feature hot and cold running water and even have separate entrances for males and females. Moreover, there is a baby-changing station that accommodates the needs of moms with younger children. Luxury units make the best choice for long-term outdoor events.

Why Choose Regional Restrooms?

When it comes to portable restrooms in or near Rocky Hill, CT, you can’t go wrong with choosing a company that offers top-of-the-line products and services such as Regional Restrooms. We offer portable restrooms that can accommodate the needs of your guests for your upcoming event. Contact us at 508-936-3900 today to learn more about our products and services.