When you are planning an event, a home remodel, or a large party, who would you call for portable restrooms in Connecticut? We are Regional Restrooms and our service area covers the entire state. When you are looking for nice portable restrooms, contact our sanitation experts. An event you are planning to host at your home like a big family reunion, a holiday, or a wedding, is a perfect time to take the stress off your septic system. Rather than having random traffic into your master bathroom, steer the guests toward the portable facility.  Your little investment will go a long way you can thwart excess traffic through your home. Let us look at what options are available if you are looking to rent portable restrooms.

Standard Units:  These units come with the basic necessities. You will not find a flushing commode in here, but it does come with a single urinal and a holding tank. Accessories include a sanitizer and a tissue paper dispenser.

Enhanced Units:  These units come with a toilet that flushes. You will also have a sink with running water and a mirror with light. The accessories include tissue paper dispenser, a paper towel dispenser and even sanitizing soap. These units work best for family reunions.

Luxury Units:  These are units that you could compare to the restrooms of a fine hotel. They are usually trailer-mounted and comforts they offer are second to none. They can have a baby-changing station, hot and cold running water and separate entrances for males and females. These are best suited for slightly smaller outdoor events, which are long term.

How Many Restrooms Will I Need?

Experts recommend one unit can accommodate for a maximum of 30-40 people. With standard units, however, you might need to increase the number of portable restrooms. They lack flushing ability and people can take longer using them. If you are looking to rent portable restrooms, Regional Restrooms provide the best units for your needs. Give us a call today at 508-936-3900.

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